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Why Do Some People Find Humiliation To Be a Turn-On?

by Ms. EmmaJane of www.fetishphonesexcalls.com

Eroticism... We all have an immediate response and feeling of what that word means, implies, suggests, and entails. However, the depth and substance of that word is unique to each of us as individuals. What we sense, feel, and perceive as erotic is best defined by our own identity, thoughts, and experiences, which create, develop, and reinforce what moves us sexually.

While those who do not find titillation in humiliation may question why and how it is that someone could feel incredibly turned on by being debased, shamed, and embarrassed, (1) it is not for anyone else to accept, approve or or otherwise sanction from where we get our kicks, (2) no one can can designate, define or create for us those things that capture our most concentrated sexual attentions, work us into a frenzy of arousal or spur us on to the heights of sexual excitement and ecstasy. Also -and the most important thing to remember here is that- when something works for us along the avenue of eroticism, it works. Period. That consistent trigger is so more vital to know than seeking the answer to “Why?” and other questions. In short, it is what it is.

Whatever the association or relation is between what you specifically find humiliating and the sting, bite, and the coinciding spark that brings, you can always count on one thing: When those feelings of disgrace, condescension, and disgrace are triggered and that resulting sense of submission consumes you, you feel erotically alive and absolutely on fire.

Is It Abnormal To Get Excited By Being Humiliated?

The words “normal” and “abnormal” are both relative, dependent upon many variables, and have no place being thrown around in a consensual sexual arena where no one is suffering harm. Just because someone else does not agree with or understand your sexual hot buttons does not mean there is the first thing wrong with those buttons. Instead of trying to scrutinize and analyze why humiliation does it for you, allow yourself to explore them. Immerse yourself in them. Feel that electricity it inspires within you from head to toe. Live in those moments when the heat of those hot buttons being pushed is so intense that they -and you- all but melt.

What Exists In Your World of Erotic Humiliation?

One statement I hear ever so frequently is “I would like you to humiliate me.” I can hear the lust, longing, and yearning just dripping from those words – and the speaker is so ready for his comeuppance that it does not register at that moment that there are oh so many kinds of erotic humiliation. He is so lost within his own world of anticipated put-downs and growing subspace that it slips his mind what he hasn't actually shared.

For one man, being feminized -perhaps by coercion, perhaps by some enticement- makes his cheeks flush and his panties ache. For another, the mortification induced by being mocked and ridiculed for his penile or other sexual inadequacy causes him to swoon with animalistic desire. Those are only two examples of erotic humiliation. Other frequently requested forms -whether singularly or in combination, willingly or by coercion, with one or multiple partners- include verbal degradation, spanking (or other form of discipline), public humiliation, anal / strap-on play, cuckolding, CBT, bi-curious exploration (cock-sucking and/or anal sex), and cum-eating. However, this is not an exhaustive list; it is simply a list of common humiliation fantasy components.

In the end, all that ultimately matters is your individual definition, perception, and conception of your fantasy world involving erotic humiliation. When you ask for a scorching dose of belittling and besmirching, be sure you ask for that which will raise your own personal humiliation flag. Ask for it. Own it. Enjoy it. Revel in it. You're entitled to your ecstasy.